MittX – Where Safety Meets Design

At MittX, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the manufacture of safety equipment for agricultural and construction machinery. Our products, the renowned MittX bars, are not just equipment—they are a promise of safety, quality, and design.

World-Class Swedish Quality Craftsmanship

Every MittX bar begins its journey in the heart of Sweden, Hälsingland, where tradition meets modern technology. Although our production is on an industrial scale, each product is the result of genuine craftsmanship. Our employees, the true heroes behind the machines, are trained in techniques that ensure each product not only looks good but also maintains the highest quality.

From Concept to Finished Product

When developing new models, it all starts with a request from our customers. We receive CAD drawings directly from the manufacturer or create a 3D scan of the specific machine. Then, our team develops a prototype that is adjusted according to the actual machine’s specifications. Once the prototype is perfected, we move on to production, where each part undergoes rigorous quality control—from the initial steps to the final finish. Our production includes advanced fixtures and meticulous checks at every step, ensuring that each MittX bar meets our high expectations.

Assured Quality

To ensure that we maintain the quality we promise, we work with a technical file where we certify through documentation that we comply with requirements and regulations necessary to deliver products that are used on machines operating on roads, railways, and more. This includes aspects like light frequencies.

Our bars are equipped with LED lights, and our flashing lights are certified according to IP69K, which guarantees the highest possible resistance to water and dust, crucial for tough working environments.

A Commitment to the Future

Our dedication extends beyond current standards to a broader vision for sustainability and innovation. At MittX, we are committed to paving the way for a future where safety and design go hand in hand with environmental responsibility.

It simply has to be MittX on the machine!

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